1. arabelleraphael:

    @tori_lux and I being super stoned couple years ago

    Pick I took of Tori Lux & Arabelle Raphael some time ago!

  2. Sheila Rose Montie: Mother, tattooer

  3. Gill “The Drill” Montie & his daughter, Sheila

  4. Charlie Shane Veldhoen

  5. Maya took this one.

  6. Pool Party!

    Fourth of July day, Highland Park, L.A.

  7. Temescal Street Fair
    Nicole (Stashe in the background...)
    Tattoo by Stache - Tattoo 13 - Oakland
    First Friday
    Andrea & her beau

    Meanwhile, in Oakland…

  8. Ralph Gracie, Dave Clahan, Gordo
    Draculino (far left) was there, too!

    Roberto Gordo Correa seminar at Ralph Gracie Berkeley Academy

  9. Georgia, the owner of PRETTY PRETTY COLLECTIVE in San Francisco posted this shot I got of her & friends at the Black Flag Tribute Art Show!


    Her business is rather amazing. Check it out HERE!

  10. 7th & Chester - Little Rock, AR

    This building has a long history in the sub-cultural landscape of a small, southern town. It started out as an art gallery called, “Urbi et Orbi” and the proprietor lived in the apartment above. Then it became an all-ages live music venue called, “DMZ.” Then it became a place known as “Mandrake’s.” To follow that was a gothy dance club called, “Nemesis.” Then new owners came in to make it into a pizza & beer joint with live music featured in the back. They named it, “Vino’s” and it remains thusly to this day.

    It was this place where I saw The Flaming Lips practically every month… Sick Of It All, D.R.I., Lungfish, Jawbreaker, Monsula, Paxton Quigley, Fugazi, Shelter… Econochrist was a fixture before they moved to the East Bay, as was Trusty before re-locating to D.C. I got to see friends perform and develop their craft in bands like Hateful Day, Fishwagon, G, Subtance, Step By Step, Chino Horde among many others.

    Its nice to be able to come back to this spot and find it with its initial character & purpose still intact & not earl shived into some benign carpet outlet or furniture showroom.